about maresa


I love to make things. I have ever since I was a really small child. My parents told me that after waking up in the morning the first thing I did was sit in front of the pile of green and white striped computer paper from my Dad’s office, and start drawing while I simultaneously asked my mom to make me eggs for breakfast. I can honestly say that not much has changed - I just make the eggs now. Anvil + Feather started out of a deep need to make creating my life’s purpose. I mean, it really has always been, but other things have taken precedent, as they so often do.

Like a lot of us, I spent the first part of my life in school, progressing through the ranks….high school, college, then grad school a little later. I studied human physiology because I think the human body is cool, and thought I wanted to be a doctor. Then I realized the human body still is pretty damn amazing, but I don’t want to look at people’s bodies. Ha! Good thing I figured that out! I went to college courtesy of an ROTC scholarship that my Dad encouraged me to pursue. After I graduated, I was commissioned in the U.S. Navy and became a Naval Aviator and then eventually a Naval Aerospace Physiologist. I retired from the service after 20 years and a wake up. 

I am not a rule follower by nature, so serving in the military was challenging at times, especially toward the end of my time there. But I don’t regret my time in the Navy, it formed me into the person I am today - through some tough training, challenging experiences, wonderful friendships, love, and loss. During that time, in the background there were always ideas floating through my head - ideas that I had to make real. After I discovered metalsmithing, I realized that it was a medium I could really use to create these ideas into tangible, treasured things. And here we are. And who knows, there might be other mediums that find their way in - we will just have to see how that unfolds.

Besides making things out of metal, I love playing the piano, reading (a lot), crocheting, collage, cooking, journaling, and being outside with my husband and dogs. I’ve traveled extensively in my lifetime and lived in a lot of places in and outside of the United States, but don’t have a place to call my hometown. I’m an Enneagram 8w7 and a Scorpio sun/Aries moon (apparently this is supposed to be quite the handful.) I prefer the mountains over the ocean, but nothing beats an alpine lake. I always enjoy a good meal and a stiff drink now and again. I’m definitely a morning person. I started my life in beautiful Upstate New York, and currently live in El Paso, Texas. Although drastically different, both places suit me well.

So that’s me, and that’s Anvil + Feather; a dichotomy that is actually harmony. Light and dark, strong and delicate, hard and soft. I am all those things. And I hope the things I make take on that spirit. I hope you can feel it, and you take one with you some day.